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Gewachsenes Holz-Fenster-Know-how

Neuheiten aus der Bau-Welt - Di, 19.11.2019 - 01:00
 ... seit mehr als einem Jahrhundert
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Mit DELTABEAM® entsteht große Architektur

Neuheiten aus der Bau-Welt - Di, 19.11.2019 - 01:00
 Großzügige, flexible Grundrisse und anspruchsvolle Architektur realisiert man mit hochbelastbaren, schlanken DELTABEAM® Slim-Floor-Konstruktionen.
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Parque Apartment by Giuliano Marchiorato Arquitetos

MyHouseIdea - Mo, 18.11.2019 - 07:30

This apartment designed by Giuliano Marchiorato Arquitetos have everything you can ask for in the middle of the city: lots of sunlight, an incredible view to the greenery of Barigui Park – the biggest park of Curitiba – in one side, and a lovely urban view to one of the main avenues of the city in the other. A completely blank duplex plan, in the 24th floor, just waiting for the new inhabitants. Photography by Eduardo Macarios.

The clients, two young newlyweds, had just returned returned from their honeymoon when the building were delivered, their dream was about to come true. They were aspiring to a contemporary apartment that could perfect host all daily business of the contemporary urban life, yet with a touch of art and design. He is a multi-entrepreneur focused on innovative projects for the city, and she is a leather parts designer, who also owns one of the major tanneries in Brazil.

The approach was to create a layout that streamlines and orchestrates the uses, designed with a small palette of materials: freijó wood, the scale of ashes and the hides. From these, it were defined the applied finishes, secondary elements, and derivations that dictates the rhythm of the design. Thus, escaping from the excesses and creating a sophisticated harmony between the outside frames and the internal spaces.

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Pau Casals Apartment by Ana Engelhorn Interior Design Ltd

MyHouseIdea - So, 17.11.2019 - 07:30

Pau Casals Apartment is a project designed by Ana Engelhorn Interior Design Ltd in 2014, covers an area of 330 m2 and is located in Barcelona, Spain. Photography by Hector Jensen Pie

Worn interiors, small rooms and lack of light were ruining the potential of this 3,000 sq. ft. apartment on Barcelona’s Avenida Pau Casals. Due to its elongated shape, the biggest challenge we faced was bringing natural light into the middle section.

By changing the apartment’s internal layout, we were able to create a large, bright apartment with three bedrooms. We increased the master bedroom size and designed a multi-purpose space that includes a bedroom, dressing room, lounge, yoga room and bathroom. Three small rooms were transformed into an airy open-plan kitchen that flows directly into the dining room.

When choosing furniture, fixtures and decor, we sourced quality pieces from across Europe. The overall appearance, however, has a decidedly English flair. We decorated each en-suite and the guest bathroom with Drummonds’ utilities and all the artwork is from Spanish artists in Madrid and Arco. The result is a bold, contemporary living space, full of drama and character.

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The Traveler’s Refuge by Egue y Seta

MyHouseIdea - Sa, 16.11.2019 - 07:30

The Traveler’s Refuge is a project designed by Egue y Seta in 2018, covers an area of 58m2 and is located in Madrid, Spain. Photography by Vicugo Foto

“When you call home the entire world with its hotels, its lodges and its inns, but also with all its camping tents, its cruise cabins and its plane seats, a tiny but cozy attic in the very heart of Malasaña might not seem so tiny after all… It may very well be instead all (or even more than) what you need to rest, recharge and plan out your next trip. It may also be the ideal refuge for those who seek to explore Madrid from inside (or above) or a bit of the city from a local´s point of view, just a few meters away from the more touristic streets while you do the same at the other end of the world. You might not need greater luxury or space when you have such views and a plan; when your eyes have seen so many miles and your feet finally find a moment to cease their walking. Maybe this green and walk-in travel guide themed library (provided with a bedroom, bathroom, terrace and kitchen) is just the perfect refuge for the modern traveler. At Egue y Seta we tackle each project as if we were embarking on a new trip. Do you guys care to look at some of the postcards from this”

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Get Ready For Hot Modern Red and Grey Interiors

Interior Design Ideas - Fr, 15.11.2019 - 17:12

Grey decor builds a cool modern base, but what if your personality seeks something a little stronger? Turn up the energy inside your home by introducing solid accent pieces in shades of red, which is thought to promote feelings of strength, determination, power, passion and even love. There are many ways to succeed with a lively red and grey colour combo, from scattering a few star accent pieces into a predominantly neutral design, to building fearless colour saturated spaces. We’ve selected these two apartment designs to help you out in your quest to a red hot home, as they come chock full with inspiration for colour balance–plus some nifty ideas for stylish home layouts to boot.

Designer: K Band  

A grey ceiling creates an awesome zoning technique in the living room of a 86 square metre apartment in Kyiv, Ukraine. Lighting inside this darkened area is reduced to an atmospheric haze, promoting a cinematic ambience around the TV. Other lighting in the open plan room presents as dazzling spotlights in crisp white planes.

A red sectional modern sofa is pieced together in a multi-sided arrangement, offering seating options to both the lounge and kitchen diner when entertaining.

The home entryway is joined to the living room via a wide walkway, so a full length rotating mirror has been installed to mark a subtle boundary between the two. The decorative mirror is held in a bright red frame to let it stand out from its white and grey surroundings.

A red ottoman piece is separated off from the rest of the sectional sofa. Instead, it is grouped with the bookcase and a floor lamp to make a reading nook.

Behind the lounge, a modern dining table and chairs set occupies free floor space in front of the kitchen. The dining set is restricted to shades of grey, black and wood tone to allow the adjacent red kitchen cabinets to shine. Red flowers slot into unique glass vases on the table, to tie the palette of the neighbouring zones together.

Kitchen drawer units form a line of red that balances out the sofa.

The red drawer units stand proud of grey cabinets to make them really pop. A column of clear shelves tower at one end of the dining table, displaying pristine white tableware.

With the walls filled edge-to-edge with flat grey handle-free units, the eye focuses solely on the core red kitchen. The colour illusion makes the room feel minimalist despite an abundance of storage.

Large grey storage cabinets line the hallway. These span from the front door toward the home’s private quarters, where a master bedroom, kid’s room and family bathroom reside.

The entire hallway is encased in the same solid grey tone, including all internal doors and ceilings.

Indoor plants inject revitalising colour into the grey master bedroom, in place of the red accents used for the living room. A portiere conceals a walk in wardrobe to the right, whilst lightweight grey drapes let sunlight peep in from the window.

The pattern of the grey bedroom wallpaper is reminiscent of breeze blocks, which nudges the aesthetic into the industrial realm. A raw timber headboard increases the colour temperature.

A modern chandelier hangs a black hoop of directional light.

Grey upholstery wraps the cushiony modern bed. A plush grey rug keeps toes cosy around the bedside.

Following on from the plants in the master bedroom, we come to a green bathroom scheme.

Green panels colour the wall behind a floating bidet and toilet set. A mirrored backsplash behind the vanity doubles the effect of the bold feature wall.

Kids have their own ideas, and this pink kid’s room is bursting with a whole different personality to the rest of the home.

One half of the room is given over to a kid’s study space, well lit by the window.

A white table lamp comes in handy for late night study.

A powder room by the home entryway is also the laundry room.

All red bathroom decor engulfs the small space.

Floor plan.

Designer: Obrys Design & Marina Grinchuk   Visualizer: Obrys Design & Marina Grinchuk  

Measuring a smaller 53 square metres, our second featured apartment was designed for a single young male.

This home is a studio apartment. Glass bifold doors draw across to separate the sleep zone from the lounge area. A single shade of soft grey and warm terracotta red is used throughout to create fluidity.

Beautiful speakers flank a huge TV and sleek white media unit. A slouchy grey armchair and ottoman sit low to the ground.

The short stand of the Oda style lamp suits the floor hugging furniture. Originals are available here.

It seems the ottoman may be occupied by a furry housemate for the most part–maybe could use some stylish cat furniture in here!

The glass wall bedroom allows the line of sight to pass straight through it from the kitchen, dining zone and lounge, which helps the whole place feel bigger…

…It also means that the giant TV can be viewed from all areas too.

The dining table is a unique design that descends from the rafters, almost as though it has been flipped upside down to defy gravity.

Long supports extend from the ceiling to cradle the tabletop. Black bar stools sit tall at the table. Red folding chairs hang on the wall nearby to get down for guests – although these are more suited to sitting around the TV than to pull up under the high table.

A terracotta red kitchen colours the back wall for the most part, with a stark black backsplash completing the run.

White wall cabinets bring light relief to the L-shaped black and red kitchen design.

Simple white window blinds allow bold black window frames to stand proud.

Red kitchen accessories strengthen the colour theme.

White bedside table lamps crown red side units.

Skateboards colour the wall of the entryway, diffused through a black mesh cabinet front.

Terracotta red continues into the bathroom decor. A white double sink bathroom vanity cuts through a grey splash wall.

White tiles lighten the bathroom colour combo.

Floor plan.

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Argivai House by Raulino Silva Architect

MyHouseIdea - Fr, 15.11.2019 - 07:30

The Argivai House by Raulino Silva Architect, in Póvoa de Varzim, is located on the outskirts of the city, an area with different housing types, some crop fields and small warehouses. Photographs: João Morgado

The lot has an irregularly shape, is very narrow next to the street, and allows the construction of two floors, without providing any annex or basement. The covered area, on the side of the house, protects a car from the rain and also the access to the main entrance of this house.
The interior organization defines the circulation and service spaces (bathrooms and laundry room) in the central area of the house, leaving larger spaces (living room, kitchen and bedrooms) on the main facades.
In the lower floor, facing the street, we have the kitchen that opens to the West. In the posterior zone we have the dining room and the living room that communicate with the terrace, where there is a porch roof to create shadow and to bridge the gable wall of the neighbor building (when the construction began, the neighbor building did not exist yet). In the central zone we have the stairs, a small bathroom and the laundry room with access by the kitchen.
Upstairs, in the posterior zone, we have two rooms with a balcony and a bathroom with a patio in the center. On the main facade with balcony, we have the suite, with the larger bedroom and a bathroom illuminated by a skylight.
Outside of the house, the facade, the walls and the gates are all white, to better define the shade. Inside of the house we also have the white on the walls, the ceilings, the lacquered carpentry, the krion (countertops and washbasins) and the ceramic wall, allowing the floating floor exalt its design.

Architecture: Raulino Silva Architect
Team Project: Raulino Silva, Daniela Amorim, Carla Ribeiro, Hélder Jesus, Elena Marino e Giuliano Pavarese
Project Date: 2016/2017
Date of Construction: 2017/2019
Building area: 315 m2
Location: Argivai, Póvoa de Varzim, Portugal

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Sea Views And Stone Walls Shape A Luxury Modern Home In Brazil

Interior Design Ideas - Do, 14.11.2019 - 16:59

The monolithic Pedra da Gávea mountain serves as a mystical backdrop for this TV show host’s home in São Conrado, Rio de Janeiro. Mr Alex Lerner had the oceanside home built so that he could relive the vacation feeling he enjoys when on holiday in St. Barts. Architects Studio Arthur Casas began working on the design the moment the plot was chosen. Optimising sea views was paramount of course, so the main living space of the home had to be elevated, freed from the high walls that surrounded the triangular lot. The landscape was made a living, breathing part of the home design by destabilizing perceptions of indoors and out.

The 5,200 square foot Brazililan home cost around $213 per square foot to build, but the sweeping ocean and mountain views are priceless.

Owner Alex Lerner stood firm that the only material he saw his house being realised in was the same peachy greige stone that he had laid eyes on at the Western Wall in Jerusalem.

Stone walls and natural timber come together in harmonious marriage. The blue water of an infinity pool shimmers beneath clear blue skies.

White outdoor chaise lounge chairs from Restoration Hardware, costing a cool $1,095 each, are kept pristine with washable covers. “I like things very, very clean,” Lerner admitted, and on this it seems the client and architect were perfectly matched. The house that Casas created showcases his own affinity for clean lines, and satisfies Lerner’s request for a place that would not require too much maintenance. Casas created the ambiance of a pristine vacation home, so much so that Lerner quipped: “Someday, will I have to give it back?”

Lerner confessed to owning four vacuum cleaners, and that he would have no qualms about putting one of them to use outside if any stray leaves should lay fault on his pristine new landscape.

The living room opens up fully to the sky and seascape, urging toward the veranda. The continuous floor level and ceilings achieve an unrestrained flow between the outdoors and in. The natural landscape becomes glorious decor for the home, colouring its dissolved wall.

Extensive terraces around the modern house exterior create an exciting social space.

Ambient lighting highlights every nook.

The garden is home to plants native to the Atlantic Forest.

The house is designed to merge with its green landscape, to frame and be framed by surrounding nature. The aim is that over time the home will become more and more integrated into its location, until it almost vanishes.

An intimate wooden volume forms the top floor of the house, in a much smaller footprint than the entertaining space below.

The wooden cuboid holds the master bedroom suite, which includes a large closet, spa bathroom, and a home office.

There is a hot tub submerged in the floor of the wood-clad volume, where a tall door measuring almost 12 feet tall leads directly into the master bedroom.

When the tall door is closed, it just about disappears within the wood grain. Great wooden beams build the frame of an outdoor room around the hot tub and deck.

Raised high off the ground, the infinity pool pushes out into space. At night, Lerner is able to skinny dip in relative seclusion. “I wanted to find a place for privacy,” he said. “I live alone, and here I can be naked.”

The wooden bedroom suite overhangs the main entryway to the house. A massive stone wall shields the home from the public eye. Architect Arthur Casas raised the foundation so the house below is hidden from view.

The front door opens into the living room on the mid floor.

Maid and gardener’s apartments, plus a number of guest bedrooms, are spread out across ground level.

Natural surroundings are both embraced and reflected by the rugged house design.

Notions of inside and outside become blurred and irrelevant.

Even the front door design is straddled between ideas of barricade and invitation.

Huge sliding glass panels and a stretched glass balustrade pull ocean panorama into the living area. “I spend my whole time here,” says Lerner.

A large floating staircase zigzags up the home.

Glass panels on the other side of the living room open onto a courtyard.

A comfortable lounge chair and footstool are placed by the window to enjoy the scene and ventilation.

The interior of the home is decorated predominantly in white and light wood tone to achieve the desired clean aesthetic.

Brazilian designers, Rodrigo Calixto and Guilherme Sass, made the Catamarã chairs seated at the kitchen dining island. Each chair carries a $1,100 price tag.

At the dining table, PK9 chairs by Poul Kjaerholm from Fritz Hansen ring up at $6,439 each. Diesel Fork Grande Suspension Lamps from Foscarini top the dining table, priced at $1,055 per pendant.

An open sided staircase design leads to the master suite. Wooden treads push out from their stone wall mount, where a recessed handrail hides.

Perimeter lighting keeps the scheme soft and simple, and does not encroach on the wondrous view.

Hardwood cumaru flooring floods the home, a durable choice to withstand the elements.

White ceilings keep the stone build feeling light and free inside.

Outside the master bedroom, Sérgio Machado’s artistic interpretation of a procession of ants marches across the wall.

The white bedroom is cool and calm, with crisp linens from Restoration Hardware. A 19th-century French chest rests by the bed.

A bench at the foot of the bed also comes from Restoration Hardware. The chair is by São Paulo designer, Aristeu Pires.

The luxury bathroom seems to stretch for miles thanks to the clever positioning of a custom cut frameless mirror.

Ground floor plan.

First floor plan.

Second floor plan (Master suite).

Section drawing.

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House CR by obra arquitetos

MyHouseIdea - Do, 14.11.2019 - 07:30

House CR is a project designed by obra arquitetos. The main request of the couple was to make a house with roof and great offer of external area.

From then on, we proposed a large inclined roof in metal structure and L-shaped installation, where the yard turned into a large lawn fully integrated with the internal space.
The large frames allow the total opening of the spaces on the ground floor by diluting the boundaries between the interior and exterior. Still on the ground floor there is a service and kitchen core that does not have access to the central lawn.
On the upper floor, there are TV room, office and 3 suites; all with windows to the lawn, functioning like the balconies of the Brazilian colonial houses that overlook a great páteo.
Project size: 650 m2
Site size: 1382 m2
Completion date: 2016
Building levels: 2
Project team: obra arquitetos, truzzi engenharia

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Uber Chic Umber Decor

Interior Design Ideas - Mi, 13.11.2019 - 18:13

Umber pigments were found on cave paintings from the neolithic period, one of the first colours painted by humans, and yet it lends itself marvellously to the modern interior. Raw umber is a rich natural brown or reddish-brown earth shade that builds warmth. Put a little fire to it and a pronounced burnt umber shade can be utilised for added intensity in a contemporary setting. In the two umber home interiors we’ll look at today, the shade is balanced out with black and white elements, and moments of greenery for added freshness. Of course natural elements vibe easily with the earth colour, but these modern mixes bring the historical hue bang up to date.

Designer: ArtPartner Studio   Visualizer: Illya Kovalchuk  

In the first of our two inspirational umber interiors, burnt umber was chosen for its reassuring depth. At the same time it was critical to create a light space attuned to the comfort of the modern cave dweller! White walls and natural materials, such as concrete and wood, have been brought together with black anchor pieces to build a bold and confident space.

The lounge furniture is low and modern. A beige sectional sofa compliments light wood floors. A stylish black coffee table skims a grey area rug.

A floor lamp by the sofa is an unusual frame design, which is complemented by the modern artwork behind it.

In addition to the modern sofa, a window seat provides seating for the room. The piece crosses both of the large windows in the room, and continues around onto the adjacent wall where it morphs into a long media unit. The window seat also cleverly disguises the radiators–an idea that was implemented in the bedroom too.

When movie night rolls around, a projector screen pulls down in front of the regular TV.

A dining island stands tall behind the low modern sofa, with six black barstools stood around it.

Suspended shelving over the kitchen island has decorative function; a planter on top is thick with foliage that makes a fresh green statement in the room. The kitchen bar light is mounted to the underside of the hanging shelf.

Three of the bar stools have a perfect view of the home cinema screen.

A white and umber hallway leads to the bedroom.

Orb bedroom pendant lights are versions of the kitchen bar light. Common elements like these, along with a consistent colour palette, gives the apartment a comforting flow between zones. The same style of artwork is also found here, propped casually behind one of the bedside tables. The bedsides have been picked out in contrasting finishes–one black, one white–to take the look offbeat and edgy.

A black glass sliding door cuts through an umber feature wall.

There is a black glass mirror propped against the adjacent wall, where white ribbed wall panelling defines the dressing zone of the room.

A black modern bathroom vanity cuts across an umber bathroom scheme.

Even the kid’s room design has foundations in an earthy hue.

Designer: ToTaste  

Our second tour is cut from a cosier cloth. A cushiony sofa is plump with soft pillowy stuffing, an indoor hammock reclines across the room, and walls are filled with interesting art and moments of pattern. The chaise end of the sofa introduces a burst of emerald green botanicals.

The umber treatment in this living room is kept mainly to the ceiling and the upper quarter of the kitchen wall, which cosily cocoons the space.

Golden TV wall decor lusters beneath an antique patina. The TV itself is mounted within heavy molding, framed like a prized picture.

The kitchen has modern rustic charm built from oak and concrete.

A circular chandelier puts a crown on the lounge area, whereas a linear chandelier spans the rectangular length of the dining table.

Plaited fabric weaves a comfy mattress over the indoor hammock.

Monochrome checkered curtains make the place look extra homey.

Pans and accessories add elements of copper in the kitchen.

The hallway storage unit has a unique design spread across its doors and integrated shelving unit. Wood grain and monochrome chevrons team up with thick black line work and elliptical motifs to make an eye-catching piece of applied art.

Rattan bedroom pendant lights cluster above a layered grey bed set in the master.

The closet stands open to the room, but has the option of being concealed behind curtains.

A gold bedside table lamp stands on each blue bedside unit.

Blue wall art continues the colour theme.

An arched window-style mirror is positioned to assist with dressing, and helps bounce light around the room.

A half circle vanity mirror is mounted on a narrow wall area, where it serves a small dressing table.

The dressing table is an antique cast iron Singer sewing machine table frame, with a stunning live edge wood top. A modern blue vanity chair makes an eclectic accompaniment.

The grey and white bathroom is a modern rustic design.

Large grey wall tiles build a dark backdrop for white sanitaryware and raw timber bathroom furniture.

White marble tiles bring a little luxe around the built-in bathtub and across the floor.

An antique gold finish concertina wall lamp pulls out over the vanity, whilst the rest of the bathroom fittings look crisp in chrome.

Geometric wooden tiles form a unique headboard wall design in a teal master bedroom.

Red strip lights stripe a concrete ceiling.

Red accents invigorate the home workspace too.

Houndstooth tiles make a huge statement in a small bathroom.

Hollywood wall lights divide the vanity area from a utility tower.

A modern laundry basket compliments the wooden vanity unit. See more laundry baskets.

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Beautiful Country Garden House by Olson Kundig made using wood from floor to ceiling

HomeDSGN - Mi, 13.11.2019 - 16:24

In the lush greenery of the rural areas right outside of Portland, in the United States, creative designers at Olson Kundig recently completed a new home called the Country Garden House, which actually boasts an impressive example of its namesake. View in gallery From the very outset, the primary goal of everyone involved in the home’s planning and design was to create something that could exist in harmony with its lusciously..


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Lounge T by destilat

MyHouseIdea - Mi, 13.11.2019 - 07:30

destilat designs lounge in the former workshop of a historical Alpine chalet. The premise for this concept was a respectful approach towards the original substance, for example the conservation of the workshop’s existing floor with its decades-old patina as well as the original steel girders.

All components are carefully incorporated into the original substance and have similar qualities when it comes to haptics and patination.
Reducing the used components‘ colour and material selection is particularly important for the project’s look and feel. All newly introduced wood elements were treated in accordance with the Japanese Shou Sugi Ban method.
For this ancient technique for wood finishing, surfaces are first charred and then oiled. With this process the free-standing furniture elements, like old wooden chairs as well as tables, counters, benches, all become one harmonious unit.
Two cubic structures made of scaled sheet metal for the vestibule and fireplace covering complement these black wood elements.
Heraklith panels were chosen for the ceiling because they correspond ideally with the wooden floor and provide acoustic as well as thermal insulation.
An additional textile component gives this room its cosiness with the golden-brown upholstery of the bench and the curtains‘ beige linen fabric.
All of this creates a timelessly unpretentious, modern Alpine ambience that respects the existing inventory without getting anywhere near a usually fairly common “lederhosen-style.”

Photocredits project pix: Monika Nguyen
Photocredits Teampic: Joachim Haslinger

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51 Glass Dining Tables that Create an Upscale Atmosphere for Every Meal

Interior Design Ideas - Di, 12.11.2019 - 16:45

Presentation is a crucial ingredient in any recipe – after all, every dish is first enjoyed with the eyes. This idea can extend to the entire dining room environment where atmosphere and ambiance set the tone before anyone even lifts a fork. Glass-topped dining tables are the focus of this product spotlight. Glass surfaces feel clean, sophisticated, and streamlined. If transparent, a glass tabletop can extend the decorative influence of its base below. Glass tables often trend contemporary, but this collection spans a variety of styles to suit a spectrum of interior themes. Find the perfect glass table for your home with these handpicked selections.

$425BUY IT

Round Glass Dining Table with Flared Base: Simple, sleek, and undeniably chic – this dining table offers simple sophistication with its round glass top and a touch of glam with its flared gold base. This design offers a lightweight look to preserve the bright and airy atmosphere of your dining area.

$460BUY IT

Rose Gold Rectangular Glass Dining Table: Clean lines meet luxe finishes with this handsome dining table in rose gold. This design features a spacious rectangular glass top supported by a gilded trestle base made from sturdy stainless steel, its open form leaving plenty of legroom for a comfortable dining experience.

$1,159BUY IT

Modern Glass Dining Table: Punctuate your dining area with this bold sculptural dining table option. The base is made from thin folded ribbons of steel, readily blending art and function. The matte black finish ensures easy coordination with modern and minimalistic dining room themes.

$211BUY IT

Minimalist Modern Glass Top Dining Room Table: This rectangular dining table offers an economical approach to style. The legs are constructed from sturdy rust-resistant metal, finished with a wood-look wrap for a warm and natural look. Each leg is capped with a non-slip foot for stable placement.

$857BUY IT

Rectangular Glass and Chrome Dining Table: A chrome-finished starburst base ensures this dining room table will instantly elevate your dining room aesthetic. This spacious table seats up to eight people in fine style. This design is especially versatile – pair with the chairs of your choice or invest in matching Juno Collection chairs to complete the look as pictured.

$360BUY IT

Small Mid-Century Modern Square Glass Dining Table: Clean mid-century modern style makes this dining table stand apart from the rest. The smooth tapered legs flare out toward the top, the thick glass tabletop featuring graceful subtle curves. This square dining table maintains a compact footprint ideal for eat-in kitchens and dining nooks.

$744BUY IT

Black Smoked Glass Dining Table: Here is another dining table with mid-century modern flair, this time large enough to seat six. The glass tabletop enjoys rounded corners – a feature that not only looks stylish, but also appeals to families with younger children.

$1,006BUY IT

Geometric Round Glass Dining Table: This dining table is a sculptural work of art you can use and enjoy every day. The geometric base takes on a molecular structure, a nod to mid-century atomic age design. The rose gold finish offers a luxe touch, while the smoked tempered glass top lends sophisticated modern appeal. Use this table to seat four with room to spare.

$1,688BUY IT

Industrial Concrete Glass Top Dining Table: Go bold with stark industrial style. This dining room table is solidly constructed with a heavy concrete base supported by a dark solid oak trestle. Standing in contrast to these weighty opaque materials is a thick tempered glass tabletop – a perfect complement to the palette of urban industrial materials.

$532BUY IT

Industrial Glass Table with Wheel: For a more playful take on industrial aesthetics, this rectangular dining table immediately catches the eye with its mechanical workshop-style base. The base is constructed from sturdy wood and metal, accented with authentic-looking details like a stationary crank wheel. Use to complement industrial, rustic, and modern interior themes.

$773BUY IT

Modern Industrial Glass and Metal Dining Table: Industrial furniture doesn’t have to look rugged – this sleek and refined dining table delights with its radiant silver finish and sharp clean lines. This handsome table features a tubular steel body with a top of thick tempered glass.


Small Round Glass Dining Table with Eiffel Legs: Taking inspiration from the Eiffel-style bases brought to popularity by names like Eames, this small and simple dining table offers designer appeal in an economical package. The legs are constructed from solid beech and reinforced with matte black trestles, with the tabletop made from 7mm tempered glass for dependable durability you can enjoy every day.

$682BUY IT

Contemporary Glass Dining Table: A chic high-end take on a charming rustic concept, this sawhorse dining table gleams with a hand-painted gold finish for glitz and glamour. This piece would make an adorable addition to interior styles ranging from upscale cottage chic to Scandinavian modern and more.

$240BUY IT

Rustic Wood and Glass Round Dining Table: This round dining table is constructed from a solid rubberwood base, each support organically angled for a warm natural look. The dark walnut finish is a versatile touch, easy to coordinate with diverse interior color palettes.

$1,542BUY IT

Abstract White Glass Dining Table: A dining table that also doubles as a conversation starter, this design features a sculptural base constructed from sturdy ribbons of steel fashioned into a smooth and fascinating sphere. The powder coated white finish lends a minimalistic touch. Seat five to six guests comfortably with this striking selection.

$1,460BUY IT

Modern Black Glass Dining Table: Bring smoldering ambiance to your dining room with this table in glossy black and luxe rose gold. The tabletop is finished in black glass to match – a super sleek and contemporary alternative to transparent designs.

$550BUY IT

Glass Top Pedestal Dining Table: Solid pine is smoothed to perfection and finished in charming cinnamon brown, bringing a calm natural warmth to modern pedestal base shape. The thick tabletop is finished in white and topped with tempered glass for attractive shine and easy maintenance.

$908BUY IT

All Glass Dining Table: All-glass construction makes it possible to outfit your dining room with a spacious table without the heavy visual impact – this design keeps the line of sight free and obstructed, making the room itself feel larger and less cluttered. This piece is constructed from thick tempered glass from top to legs for an incomparably crisp and lightweight aesthetic.

$819BUY IT

Racetrack Oval Glass Table: With glass measuring a half-inch thick, this oval glass dining table combines impressive sturdiness with a lighter-than-air look. This piece is as versatile as it gets – with no extraneous decoration to capture attention, it simply carries the character of the decor that surrounds it. The tabletop must be purchased separately, available here, or you can add your own.

$1805BUY IT

Round Glass Dining Table With Modern Steel Base: An undeniable statement piece. This table makes a bold statement with its geometric folded steel base, its pyramid forms creating a drama of light and shadow for a different viewing experience from every angle. Seat up to six guests comfortably with this striking design.

$960BUY IT

Expandable Glass Dining Table: Glass is a surprisingly flexible medium – this design employs smart engineering to provide extendable functionality. Seat four comfortably with the compact 55” configuration or extend the leaves to seat six. The leaves easily slide in and pull out for quick and effortless transformations.

$730BUY IT

Extendable Glass Dining Table: If you’re looking for an extendable dining table with a more classic look, this design might be worth your consideration. The sculptural legs are finished in a walnut veneer for warmth, with the top made from strong 10mm glass.

$1,252BUY IT

Extendable Frost Glass Dining Table: This extendable dining table works to partially obscure the inner workings with attractive frosted glass. The legs are finished in chrome for sharp contemporary appeal.

$211BUY IT

Rustic Small Glass Dining Table: Rustic oak sets a warm contemporary tone, accented with bold bronzed hardware for stability and a touch of industrial contrast. The result blurs the lines between farmhouse charm and modern style – a versatile piece that can adapt to your interior decor tastes as they change over time.

$2,087BUY IT

Oval Glass Dining Table with Gold Base: An opulent frame of steel crosses in loose sculptural lines, an artistic hatched trellis design that looks light but provides dependable stability. This piece can easily seat eight people, setting a luxurious stage sure to get guests talking.

$510BUY IT

Black and Gold Circular Glass Dining Table: This sophisticated table base is constructed from durable hardwood, the body finished in dark walnut and the inner ring finished in an antique hammered champagne. This base does not come with a glass top, allowing you to add your own 54” selection.

$708BUY IT

Beech and Glass Rectangle Dining Table: This dining table makes a classic and comfortable impression with its sturdy beech wood legs, fashioned in clean splayed lines for sturdiness and stability. This piece would be a great fit for a range of interior styles – minimalist, traditional, Scandinavian, mid-century modern, and more.

$3,209BUY IT

Glass and Stone Round Glass Dining Table: With a base this beautiful, it only makes sense to pair it with a transparent glass top. The base of this table is constructed from spectacularly marbled Scagliola stone, a material formed by hand-pouring marble dust and stone chips for a rich cloudy appearance. An interior metal lining provides radiant contrast.

$3,565BUY IT

Round Glass Dining Table for 6: Numerous solid walnut legs provide a graceful support for the segmented glass tabletop, each leg capped with warm brassy ends for protection and stylish contrast. This piece is a work of art for the dining room – a piece that combines traditional materials with innovative modern construction.

$460BUY IT

Jonathan Adler Counter Height Glass Dining Table Set: Looking for something a little different? This playful counter-height dining set features powder blue finishes over minimalistic framing. The tabletop glass is tinted brilliant cerulean to match. Each set comes with two stools that nest neatly below, a smart space-saving solution for small kitchens and breakfast nooks.

$3,211BUY IT

Rectangular Glass Dining Table Set With 8 Chairs: A spacious formal dining room deserves an eye-catching table design. This piece certainly stands out. The dual pedestals are constructed from solid ash wood formed into interlocking rings, crafted with a skilled artisanal touch that begs second glances. This set includes eight equally impressive chairs, each upholstered in white faux leather for luxe comfort.

$1,173BUY IT

Modern Glass Dining Table and Chairs: This set centers around an especially distinctive table base. The body of the base is constructed from sturdy stainless steel finished in white, framing a transparent glass panel within. A floating decorative inlay punctuates the center of the panel. Each set includes four well-padded chairs for a seating experience that feels as inviting as it looks.

$640BUY IT

Round Glass Dining Table Set with 4 Chairs: This dining table is ideal for cool transitional spaces. The asterisk base is constructed from three crossed metal dowels, each finished with a heat-transferred wood grain pattern for the look of solid walnut. The four included chairs are padded and upholstered, their clean curves offering timeless appeal.

$927BUY IT

Glass Top Dining Table Set with 6 Chairs: Mid-century modern inspiration meets sleek contemporary styling with this exceptionally versatile dining set. Choose from two finish combinations – the tabletop is available in glossy white or elegant marble, with the chair upholstery available in beige or grey. Each set includes six chairs.

$1,980BUY IT

Round Glass Dining Table and Chairs: Ornate and luxurious, the Pamela 5-piece dining set boasts undertones of Hollywood regency style for a glamorous look. This set is available with a gold or silver base with chair upholstery in grey, black, or navy velvet.

$1844BUY IT

Glass Top Dining Table With Rose Gold Fish Scale Style Base: Bring the opulence of art deco design to your dining arrangement with this fabulous glass top table. The metal base is sculpted to resemble glamorous fish scales, finished in metallic rose gold that glimmers in the light. This selection fits six to eight people.

$1,659BUY IT

Mid Century Modern Smoked Glass Dining Room Table Set: This mid-century modern dining set captures the spirit of the era in spectacular style. The tapered walnut legs, the smooth rounded corners, the smoky glass tabletop – every detail feels nostalgic yet timeless. This dining set comes with six chairs, available in era-appropriate teal or harvest orange upholstery.

$2,199BUY IT

Extendable Modern Glass Dining Table Set for Four: This glass dining table set takes on a sharper aesthetic to suit modern minimalist themes. The tapered metal legs are finished in rich matte black, the tabletop made from deep smoke-colored glass to match. This set comes with four modern diamond-tufted chairs, but the table’s self-storing extensions make enough room to seat ten.

$790BUY IT

Round Glass Dining Table Set for 4: For a smaller dining room, consider this lighter arrangement. This round table includes four high-back chairs upholstered in fashionable white, the table and cantilever chair bases finished in luminous polished brass.

$1460BUY IT

Glass Dining Room Table and Chairs: Behind the simplicity of this dining set is an exciting drama of angles and curves. The tilt of the backrest, the taper of the table legs – every detail is refined. This set comes with four handsome chairs upholstered in creamy white faux leather over plush supportive padding.

$1,121BUY IT

Counter-Height Glass Dining Table with Chairs: This counter-height dining set is ideal for eat-in kitchens. The top is spacious enough to serve as a dedicated formal dining table, while the chairs tuck neatly beneath to save space between uses. This set draws the eye with contemporary contrast between matte black finishes and glossy chrome, the smoky black glass tabletop completing the look.

$900BUY IT

Glass Top Dining Table Set 4 Chairs: Warm and minimalist – this dining set keeps things simple with its metal legs finished to look like solid walnut, its simple rectangular glass top, and smooth curvaceous chairs. The sleek neutrality of this set ensures easy coordination with your existing decor and tableware.

$1,959BUY IT

Rectangular Modern Glass Dining Table Set: This dining set centers around a fascinating table, the thin wire base making the substantial glass tabletop look weightless. The chairs have significant decorative appeal of their own, the open back and tapered legs hinting at retro influence. Choose between gray or blue upholstery to best suit your dining room decor.

$1,620BUY IT

Min Table with Frosted Glass Top: Designed by Luciano Bertoncini in 2011, this dining table has become a mainstay of high-end minimalist dining room design. The clean lines, calm white finish, and beautiful proportions keep the emphasis on the act of communal dining – but those who take a closer look will find apparent quality worth a second glance. The frosted glass tabletop adds a touch of depth and dimension over the plain powder coat version.

$3,135BUY IT

Le Corbusier LC6 Glass Dining Room Table: Often lauded as one of the most important tables in the International Style lexicon, this 1928 Le Corbusier design transcends eras and categorizations. The base is constructed from aeronautical steel, finished gracefully and seamlessly in glossy black or light blue. Pair with equally iconic chairs or opt for simpler furnishings to let this statement piece take center stage.

$3,199BUY IT

Glass Top Wembley Dining Table: Seat up to ten guests in refined style with the Wembley dining table by Ronald Sasson. This table sets an immediate tone of intrigue with its curvaceous legs, the outsides treated with natural veneer over contrasting matte black recesses. The glass tabletop is slim and streamlined, finished with beveled edges for a silky smooth touch.

$2,643BUY IT

Connection Glass Top Dining Table: Connection is a dining table designed with architectural flair, its tapered wood base connected by an intricate trellis of tubular metal. The transparent glass tabletop that spans the construction serves as an open window through which one can admire the structural beauty below. Select your preferred combination of wood finishes and steel frame lacquer to create a customized fit for your interior style.

$3,199BUY IT

Two-Tone Preston Dining Table with Glass Top: Natural wood veneers contrast against matte inset finishes, a juxtaposition that reveals a different character from every angle. Beneath the translucent glass surface, a metallic-painted surface reflects the light for lustrous dimension.

$1,177BUY IT

Hammered Gold Round Glass Dining Table: The lovely Cleo dining table by Peter Saloom is a flexible design with an array of customizable options. Start with size – this table is available with a diameter of 48”, 54”, or 60” to accommodate small and large dining rooms alike. The range of finishes is robust as well, ranging from warm wood tones to eye-catching delights like the hammered gold pictured here.

$2,526BUY IT

Glass Dining Table with Solid Wood Base: Crafted from solid American black walnut, the spectacular base of this dining table is built to last – an artisanal work of art with heirloom appeal. The flawlessly transparent glass tabletop offers an unblemished view of the sculptural forms and endlessly intricate wood grain below. Pictured with this table is a collection of Kyoto chairs by Copeland Furniture.

$4,099BUY IT

Platner Glass Top Dining Table: A truly iconic piece – this flared base table is a 1962 Warren Platner design that has never left the pages of shelter magazines, beloved for its timeless profile and enduring versatility. Its aesthetic is one of both strength and grace, its production requiring up to 1,000 individual welds yet resulting in a singular fluid sense of movement. Choose between the shining nickel finish or 18-karat gold plating and enjoy owning a piece of industrial design history. Or, get the look with a more manageable price tag with the cheaper replica available here.

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